Small group classes cater to students' individual abilities in math and English, building a foundation of skills and critical thinking.

Private Tutoring

Experienced tutors work closely with students to build study skills, confidence, and independence.

Gifted Test Prep

Test-taking practice and skill building for gifted program entrance exams.

Every student has unique needs.

That's why we provide tailored lessons to help students build confidence and mastery in their academic work.

Our programs develop concept acquisition, critical thinking, and application of skills. Our math and English curricula follow Common Core Standards, helping prepare students for academic and standardized tests as well as everyday challenges.

We motivate and encourage students to learn the principles of mathematics and English in a rewarding way. Our teachers monitor student progress on homework and tests to ensure that they are on track and receiving the help they need.

At Best in Class, your children will gain a sense of confidence in and excitement for learning.