Individual guidance makes a difference.

Need help with school homework? No problem. Need to prepare for a big exam? We've got your back. Want lessons custom designed just for you? You've got it. With private tutoring, you call the shots.

Our private tutoring offers students the most individualized instruction possible.

If you've got a big test on the horizon, private tutoring is especially beneficial. We offer specially designed test-preparation modules through private tutoring for a wide array of exams, including the SAT, AP tests, TOEFL, ISEE, SSAT, ITBS, and CogAT.

We have tutors available for almost any academic subject you can imagine. You can also focus on specific skills, like essay writing. You can bring in homework or projects you already have for instructional guidance or your tutor can create lessons from scratch to suit your needs.

Subjects Available

  • Math
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • History
  • Technology
  • Foreign Languages

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With private tutoring lessons for the COGAT test, I studied hard and passed. I'm now in the gifted program. My tutor, Laura, helped me through the hard sections and taught me useful strategies. My vocabulary and reading comprehension improved a lot.

Mahsheeb K.


Best in Class has been very helpful! I used to struggle in English, history, algebra, and geometry. Now I do much better. I have learned so much. When I have kids I will send them to Best in Class because it rocks!

Nathan L.

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