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Clear instruction and consistent practice are the cornerstones of a successful SAT/ACT class. Our small group SAT/ACT course offers the best of both: 28 hours of active, in-class teaching in addition to online engagement outside of the classroom. Our blended format allows us to assess, instruct, and track each student’s progress in the core SAT/ACT subjects. Best in Class’s rigorous SAT/ACT class will give your student the best chance of success on test day and in the college application process.

Classes can be taken in a private-lesson format (one-on-one or with two students per instructor) or in a group-lesson format with 4 to 15 students.

Live Instruction

  • 28 hours of in person, expert-led instruction
  • Total of 7 sessions, 4 hours of instruction per session
  • Small class size, maximum of 15 students

Blended Learning

  • Digital, interactive assignments
  • Explanation videos of problems
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Visual progress & Immediate score results

Math & English

  • Learn test-taking strategies for math, reading, & writing
  • Pre-algebra, Algebra, and advanced math concepts
  • Critical reading practice, vocabulary building exercises, grammar concepts, and writing skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SAT is an entrance exam used for college admissions decisions. The SAT measures students’ knowledge in three core subject areas: Reading, Writing, and Math. Most colleges and universities require SAT or ACT test scores to compare candidates. In addition to reviewing SAT or ACT scores, colleges and universities review high school GPA, high school classes taken, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and personal essays.
A majority of colleges accept either the SAT or ACT and do not prefer one test over the other. There are some differences between the two tests, so be sure to research them. If you are deciding which test is better for you, we recommend taking a timed full-length practice test for both tests to see how you score.
Most high school students will take the SAT multiple times, beginning in their Sophomore or Junior years of high school. We recommend that students take the SAT after they have completed Algebra 2. Although the SAT is offered several times per year, you want to give yourself plenty of time to retake the test before your college applications are due.
1600 is a perfect score on the SAT and a 1050 is the average score. That being said, your “goal score” should depend on which colleges you are applying for. Make sure to do some research on what the average SAT scores are for different colleges and universities.
Our comprehensive course curriculum helps students prepare for all parts of the SAT test: Reading, Writing, Math, and the optional essay. Throughout the course, students are given our SAT Prep book and access to an online account in which they will be assigned practice problems, tests, quizzes, and homework assignments.
Yes, students are required to complete homework outside of class. After each class session, students will be assigned weekly sets of homework problems. Please expect to spend a few hours a week outside of class completing these assignments for the best results.


SAT Student

I am so glad I took the class because I definitely improved in the areas I was lacking. And the teachers were all helpful! Overall, it was a great experience!

SAT Student

I liked how the teachers were friendly and encouraged me to expand on my testing experiences.

SAT Student

The course workbook included plenty of helpful practice problems.

SAT Student

I really appreciated how the course covered every question type to help me prepare for the test.

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